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Kinsey Kahlo

Certificate ID: AUTYVOZLNW15

Location: Online

Languages:  🇺🇸

Kinsey is an Intuitive Emotional Wellness Coach with certifications and accreditations in NLP, CBT, ClearBeliefs Coaching, Reiki, Animal Communication, and other healing modalities. She uses all of these skills along with her intuitive and empathic skills to empower others to find more peace and joy in their lives. Kinsey is positively passionate about helping others overcome challenges in their lives, connect to their own internal wisdom, and align with their highest and greatest selves. She specializes in helping people heal emotional issues, fears/phobias/anxiety, and trauma. Kinsey also specializes in identifying and clearing limiting subconscious beliefs that contribute to unwanted emotional issues or unwanted experiences in life. Kinsey is able to use any/all of her skills and tools for both human and non-human animal clients.

Specialist Areas


How Can she help?

When faced with emotional issues, Kinsey helps clients connect to their emotional experiences in ways that allow them to process and release emotions in healthy ways. Clients become better at identifying and processing their emotional states as a result of this type of work, and emotional states generally become more balanced and stable. When faced with indecision, confusion, or overwhelm, Kinsey helps clients connect with their internal wisdom for guidance – empowering the client to self-resource direction and wisdom in times of doubt, fear, or confusion. This skill is naturally embodied and practiced by the client during sessions and becomes a natural internal resource for them in times of challenge. When faced with phobias, fears, or trauma responses, Kinsey creates a safe space for the client to heal the original experience that drives these reactions. As a result, clients start facing their fears, feeling more courageous and confident in their ability to overcome them. In the case of trauma, clients typically see drastically reduced (sometimes completely eliminated) reactions to situations that would have triggered strong emotional reactions before. When faced with resistance (or feeling stuck) in some aspect of life, Kinsey helps clients feel into what generates the resistance and release it so that aligned action (or wisdom) can emerge – allowing the client to more easily move through situations they otherwise felt stuck in. Basically, Kinsey empowers clients to master their emotions, heal trauma, face their fears, connect to their internal wisdom, and navigate major life changes with more grace and ease.