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Are you ready to experience peace in all areas of your life?

*This course is exclusive to 10 students and only runs once a year!

The mentorship program is currently the fastest track to becoming a Conscious Coding ® Practitioner!

Conscious Coding® Basics

Conscious Coding® is a collaboration of the body and mind through neutral-seeking mindsets that prime you for complete peace. Through a process of neutralizing traumas and energies, you can regain autonomy of your body and experience a life of ease. 

Do You Need Conscious Coding®?

✅  Do you want to regain autonomy of your body?

✅  Do you want to live a peaceful life?

✅  Do you want to be free from pain?

✅  Do you want to finally overcome your struggles?

✅  Are you wanting to experience sweeping growth?

✅  Do you need to experience business success?

It’s time to join the Conscious Coding® Mentorship Program!

What Can Conscious Coding® Help You With?









Mental Wellbeing

Over 12 Months together, we will…

Dive deep into the Conscious Coding universe and learn everything that you need to know to administer a Conscious Coding® session and do an analysis to understand the real root cause of a symptom.

Complete the Introduction to Conscious Coding, Conscious Coding Fundamentals, and Conscious Coding Practitioners courses.

 Gain a highly credible and insurable qualification that is accredited with the IICT to practice as a Consciois Coding Practitioner.

Continue your personal development and spiritual growth with amazing support in a like-minded community.

Practice your new Conscious Coding skills in a safe and carefully structured online portal amongst peers supervised by a professional.

Accredited by…

What you get…

6 x core Conscious Coding® Training Modules delivered on the secure online learning platform that you have licensed access to. VALUE $13,200

38 x Live Calls, held weekly via Zoom. These calls may include Conscious Coding content teaching, practice sessions, and Q&A’s. VALUE $8800

1-1 Support for Individual Guidance throughout the entire course. This support is by request. *Limitied to bimonthly support. VALUE: $1800

Content-Packed Student Hub rich with worksheets, definitions, tips, tricks, and more to support you as a student and practitioner. VALUE $99pm x 12

Private Forum for your cohort to engage in discussions. VALUE $99pm x 12

VIP Email Support from me, as you require. VALUE $4400

VIP Energetic Scaffolding, the 7 steps, integrating you into a neutral mindset that supports you throughout the 12 month program. VALUE $1199

Private Telegram Group for your cohort only VALUE $599

Private Student Facebook Group. VALUE $29pm x 12

TOTAL VALUE: $32,722

You get it for $10,100

*click “Schedule a Discovery Interview Now” to see current discount prices on offer

This is for you if…

You have a deep desire to understand the world and your body.

You want to learn how to support yourself and others using a robust technique that quanitifies intense growth.

 You are struggling with a dis-ease or symptom that you would like to better understand and accept in order to experience peaceful living.

You want to learn a robust technique that you want to use to grow your business and attract clients that you can support.

You have a deep desire to understand yourself.

The Process

The course covers a wide range of knowledge spread over 6 modules.

Module 1: Introduction to
Conscious Coding®

  • Basics of Conscious Coding
  • Understand the method
  • Begin to see the effects
  • Begin practicing

Module 2:

  • Understand your symptoms
  • Return autonomy to the body
  • Understand the intelligence of the body
  • Discover a neutral mindset

Module 3: Fundamentals of
Conscious Coding ®

  • Detailed Conscious Coding 
  • Practice Conscious Coding
  • Begin to use Conscious Coding
  • Learn Client Engagement

Module 4:
Anatomy & Physiology

  • Learn Anatomy & Physiology
  • Understand the 9 Chakra system
  • Understand the connection of Anatomy with Conscious Coding
  • Learn Instant Relief Techniques

Module 5: Conscious Coding®
Brain Layers

  • Undertsand the 4 Brain Layers
  • Learn how Disease shows up
  • How to Analyze Dis-ease
  • Case-Studies Analysis

Module 6: Conscious Coding ®
Practitioners License

  • Advanced Conscious Coding Techniques
  • How to Work with Clients
  • Conscious Coding Analaysis
  • Detailed Conscious Coding Session

Pay In Full Bonus Content

Business Support
Specialization Courses

    • Sacred Business
    • Business & Exposure
    • Conscious Coding for Animals
    • Past Life Conscious Coding

VIP Assessment Support

Two of your assessments throughout the program is to complete a chapter in a book that will be published by The Conscious Code Publications house. This assessment is fully supported and guided by the Founder, Devon Golden.

* Only one chapter is mandatory. 

Our previous cohort wrote a fantastic book all about Conscious Coding. Are you ready to be the next to be published in a best-selling title?

Check out their amazing work:

How to Master and Live a Life of Peace

Coding Consciousness

Conscious Coding is a new robust and powerful healing technique that enables one to code consciousness into their body. The process is all about finding neutrality within life and reframing mindsets so that one can enjoy a peaceful life.

If you are struggling with anything that is making your life difficult, conscious coding helps return autonomy to the body in order for you to experience the peace and healing that you have been looking for.

In this book, you will be introduced to a number of amazingly trained Conscious Coders who are ready to share their knowledge with the world. Throughout these pages you will find the special findings of the growing number of Conscious Coding Practitioners.

Throughout the course, you will earn the following qualifications:

  1. Introduction to Conscious Coding® Certificate of Completion
  2. Conscious Coding®  Fundamentals Certificate of Completion
  3. Conscious Coding®  Mentorship Program Certificate of Completion
  4. Conscious Coding® Practitioners License

The Investment

Two payment options are available to support people with different need.
Additional fees apply for the payment plan option.

Updated pricing can be found on the application form.

*This course is exclusive to 10 students and only runs once a year!

Once-Off Payment

$10,100 USD (Save $750 USD)

*click “Schedule a Discovery Interview Now” to see current discount prices on offer

Free Bonus Content
(Sacred Business + Animal Conscious Coding)

Payment Plan

$1,500 USD Registration Fee
$850 Monthly Fee (11 months)

*click “Schedule a Discovery Interview Now” to see current discount prices on offer

Terms & Conditions Apply

Accredited by…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conscious Coding®?

Conscious Coding® is a gentle healing technique that guides you into memories of trauma that are directly resulting in a present day problem and helps you overcome them. The main purpose of the technique is resetting the memory by neutralizing it with the completely opposite experience so that balance can be returned to the nervous system.

How Does Conscious Coding® Work?

An experienced Conscious Coding® practitioner will guide you through the entire process. it consists, mainly of 3 steps: 1) Finding the current day problem, 2) finding the root trauma causing that problem, and 3) creating the exact opposite memory and neutralizing it.

Isn't it bad to overwrite memories?

It can be understood why one may feel a memory is being denied or that it could be dangerous to neutralize a memory with an exact opposite. However, this process is only done to neutralize the energy of the event, and not to remove the lesson, or whatever was gained from that memory other than it's negative counterparts.

How can Conscious Coding® be used?
Conscious Coding® is a very flexible and robust healing technique that can be worked into other healing modalities to deal with trauma, allergies, stress, self-development, etc.
What is the benefit of using Concsious Coding® over other healing techniques?
Conscious Coding® is simple. It is easy to use and has almost immediate effects. It is also quick to use and working on one issue using the technique tends to leak its way into other life issues resulting in a more rounded and holistic healing technique.
Why is this Course Longer than the other courses?

This course is a mentorship based program. Which means you will get all the same info as the other courses, but be mentored throughout the whole process. While you will receive all the knowledge in the other courses, this 12 month course supports you to go deeper and really get a strong understanding of the concepts. 

For this reason, the course is limited to 10 people per year so that you cna get individual attention.

About Devon

Conscious Coding® Founder

Devon is the founder and inventor of the Conscious Coding® technique. It is his hope that healing comes to all those who come into contact with The Conscious Code Academy and it is his mission to help people return autonomy to their life. Devon wishes to inspire independence and self-growth in everyone he meets. Throughout Devon’s learning he found he could process stuck feelings and difficult energies the easiest when in a state of neutrality. With this in mind, he began to create the Conscious Coding® method to embody that. In this robust teaching, you will come into contact with a modality unlike any other out there.

Devon is trained in Psychology (MA & Msc) – registered with the BPA, medical intuition, homeopathy, psychic development, counselling, meditation, and much more. Conscious Coding, however, is Devon’s unique invention that is purely created during deep meditaitons and grounded in psyhcology.

What People are Saying…

I am only a few weeks into the Conscious Coding Mentorship Program, and I am already blown away by what I’ve learned so far, and how much this is helping me work on myself. I did not know what to expect when I joined, but this method is mindblowing! I am discovering things about myself that I did not know or have ever thought about. I am working on healing issues that have been hidden away deeply and healing trauma. Choosing to take the Conscious Coding Mentorship program was a great decision, I am starting to understand myself better and feel more aligned and at peace!

Gina Richie

Owner, Kalianahs Corner

I highly recommend taking the time and investing in this course, in just a short period of time I’ve learnt so much about my health, body and mindset as well as answers to questions I’ve been asking for years. Devon takes his time explaining and helping which is perfect for when you lost or just need a bit of extra help and it’s mind-blowing how something so simple as asking the right question with support can help you achieve.

I would 100% recommend this to anyone who asks.

Jasmine-Leigh Lawson

Owner, Jasmine-Leigh's Essentials

I received a session from Devon – it was fantastic. Very quickly he was able to help me understand the underlying issues I was having. He helped me remove these blocks and taught me how to continue to work on myself. Immediately I felt lighter and more positive. I now feel empowered to continue to use the techniques he taught me.I would highly recommend Devon- he is truly gifted and exceptionally kind hearted.

Claire Doherty

Transformational Alchemist

Become a Conscious Coding® Practitioner today!!

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