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What Exactly is Conscious Coding®? Do I really need it?

CONSCIOUS coding® Basics

Conscious Coding® is a collaboration of the younger self and the present self; a collaboration of the conscious and subconscious. Accessing memories of trauma from your past and becoming aware of the gap between what you expected to happen and the reality of it helps you heal from those experiences.


Do You Need Conscious Coding®?

Do you have blocks preventing you from accomplishing your goal?

Has your current business hit a plateau in sales?

Do you feel stunted in your own person spiritual journey?

Are you struggling with any physical problems?

What about disease, allergies, and other sicknesses?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Conscious Coding® is the help that you have been looking for!

What We Can Help You With

Self Development








Mental Wellbeing

How Does Conscious Coding®

Work & How Can It Help You?

Conscious Coding is something that was developed when Devon realized that we tend to continuously experience the same problems in “rounds,” i.e. The Body Set Point. It was with this realization that Devon wanted to totally override that. Collaborating with the younger self and accessing memories of trauma enable the client to completely shift these problems by becoming aware of the gap and create the polar opposite. This polar opposite becomes the new Body Set Point which enables a fuller healing. 

The Body Set Point

We all know this struggle. That feeling of in and out, healed and unhealed. The body has a way of regulating itself, bringing forth triggers and emotions and forcing us to face problems we thought we buried long ago. This leaves us in this state of plateau, feeling stuck. Conscious Coding helps bring you back to a zero set point where you can override old believes and blocks that are coming up over and over, encouraging a long-term and fuller healing.

We Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

The Conscious Code Academy schedules multiple workshops and talks a year so that you can find a time that suits you to invest in your life and make the changes that you want. 

I have had several sessions with Devon mainly working with my dog Jax who had Epilepsy, and I am really amazed on the work he does. But we also did some healing on myself, as I said we have worked together several times.
He is a very sweet Soul and very talented!
Will book him soon again!!!

Gina Richie


I had a clearing yesterday with Devon. I’m on day 2 and I’m amazed at how our dog has changed, she usually begs when we are eating by nudging and jumping around the place. Yesterday she just sat there and waited after reassuring her that she will be fed. He has done a clearing on me as well being allergic to dogs he helped me find the root cause of it, I usually have major allergies after touching our dog hence I rarely rub her. Yesterday I tried stroking her fur after the clearing and I didn’t have the allergy since.
Rowena Hayes

Massage Therapist

I received a healing session from Devon – it was fantastic. Very quickly he was able to help me understand the underlying issues I was having. He helped me remove these blocks and taught me how to continue to work on myself. Immediately I felt lighter and more positive. I now feel empowered to continue to use the techniques he taught me.I would highly recommend Devon- he is truly gifted and exceptionally kind hearted.

Claire Doherty


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