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Grace Hong

Location: South Korea

Languages:  🇰🇷🇬🇧

Hello, I am Grace Hong. I am honored to say that as the first practitioner in Korea, as if the invention of Hangeul allowed anyone to enjoy intellectual freedom, he created the technique with the desire to someday find freedom from himself with this technique. I am always praying and working to spread my teacher’s will in Korea.


How Can I help?

Currently, I focuses on emotions, physical issues, and self-development as conscious coding techniques. It not only solves psychological, physical, environmental and all problems quickly, but also sublimates those darkness into nutrients, finding neutrality and guiding you to grow stronger than ever before. In addition, it guides you to self-development that expands your consciousness by awakening wisdom based on precise intuition and potential contained in the body and soul called the unconscious.

Specialist Areas

General Availability

MON/WED: 10am-6pm (KST)
TUE/THURS/FRI: 1pm-9pm (KST)