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The Conscious Code Academy – Our Story

The beginnings of The Conscious Code Academy was in providing a safe space for teachers from across the world to share their own healing techniques. The original goal was to create this space as the platform for Devon’s healing technique. With this in mind, The Conscious Coding Academy is currently in a space where we offer sessions, teachings, and events for Conscious Coding.

The Conscious Code Academy’s mission is to offer healing in the form of a new robust technique that can be taught to others for a larger ripple-effect. Our hope is that this ripple-effect increases our reach so that each person that comes into contact with this technique can be touched deeply and become the person that they are truly meant to be.

“Conscious Coding helped me overcome a lifetime of pain and misery when therapy couldn’t!”

Our Team

About Devon 

CEO-President/Conscious Coding® Founder

Devon invented Conscious Coding in hopes of helping many people. He is the founder of the academy and hopes to help bring healing to everyone that wishes to make use of the services of the academy. If you are interested in receiving a session with Devon, please feel free to browse his website and other service offerings. Alternateively, use the contact us page.

Why Work With Us?

Concious Coding is a new robust healing technique that enables healing in multiple ways. Choosing to work with us, means choosing to heal. You can learn more about Conscious Coding here.

You can work with us in a multitude of ways. The following are a few ways you could get involved:

1. Schedule a session with one of our practiioners to begin your own healing journey.

2. Atteng a workshop so you, too, can become a practitioner and help others.

3. Organzie a workshop and increase the helaing reach potention.

Get in contact to learn more about how you can work with us.

What We Can Do For You

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