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I received a session from Devon – it was fantastic. Very quickly he was able to help me understand the underlying issues I was having. He helped me remove these blocks and taught me how to continue to work on myself. Immediately I felt lighter and more positive. I now feel empowered to continue to use the techniques he taught me.I would highly recommend Devon- he is truly gifted and exceptionally kind hearted.

Claire Doherty


My healing experience with Devon was amazing! It was the first time I was willing to face it, and he knocked it out of the park in helping me heal it and reframe my negative belief. Now I sit here feeling my brain do all kinds of work on itself and it’s amazing! I am so excited to see what comes after this on my journey! Thank you so much for such a wonderful session!
Aimee McPhie

Life Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conscious Coding®?

Conscious Coding® is a gentle healing technique that guides you into memories of trauma that are directly resulting in a present day problem and helps you overcome them. The main purpose of the technique is resetting the memory by neutralizing it with the completely opposite experience so that balance can be returned to the nervous system.

How Does Conscious Coding® Work?
An experienced Conscious Coding® practitioner will guide you through the entire process. it consists, mainly of 3 steps: 1) Finding the current day problem, 2) finding the root trauma causing that problem, and 3) creating the exact opposite overwritten memory.
Isn't it bad to overwrite memories?
It can be understood why one may feel a memory is being denied or that it could be dangerous to replace a memory with an exact opposite. However, this process is only done to neutralize the energy of the event, and not to remove the lesson, or whatever was gained from that memory other than it’s negative counterparts.
How can Conscious Coding® be used?
Conscious Coding® is a very flexible and robust healing technique that can be worked into other healing modalities to deal with trauma, allergies, stress, self-development, etc.
What is the benefit of using Concsious Coding® over other healing techniques?
Conscious Coding® is simple. It is easy to use and has almost immediate effects. It is also quick to use and working on one issue using the technique tends to leak its way into other life issues resulting in a more rounded and holistic healing technique.

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